Sulpank and their top 5 albums

Yes, it’s difficut. If someone ask you: Which are the 5 albums that had most influence on you? Which are your prefered?… And gimme just 5, and quick… Really difficult. But we made the question ourselves and we have made the effort, a big effort because we are, maybe, a bit older than expected, and it means we have heard a lot of music, loads of very good music!! And that fact makes harder to bring back from our memories and choose. We didn’t had the purpose of «betraying» anyone, but forgive us because, with only 5 to select, it was almost unavoidable…

Toni Altarriba:

  • The Joshua tree (U2)
  • Parachutes (Coldplay)
  • Versus (Pearl jam)
  • Woodface (crowded house)
  • Sargent Pepper´s lonely hearts Club Band (Beatles)

Santi Tomás:

  • Queen, a night at the opera
  • Beatles, White album
  • Foo fighters, in your honor
  • Led zeppelin, phisical graffity
  • Jeff buckley, Grace

(or Supergrass and homonimous album or Muse and black holes and… or bowie’s stardust or black of metallica, lagrimas negras del cigala… 5 It’s impossible!!!!)

Daniele Caprari:

  • Deep purple- Made in Japan
  • Whitesnake- Live in the Heart of City
  • Dire Straits- Alchemy Live
  • Ac/Dc – Back in Black
  • Van Halen- Van Halen I

JC Monforte:

  • Red and Blue Albums of The Beatles
  • Sgt. Peppers lonely hearthclub band. The Beatles.
  • The rise and fall of Ziggy Stardust. David Bowie
  • Alchemy. Dire Straits
  • Joshua tree. U2

(but i have doubt if once upon a time by Simple Minds or a live of velvet with Lou reed i had recorded in cassette…)

And, what do you think? Have you heard any of that influences in our Full moon sessions album?



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