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A new full review of our new LP Full Moon Sessions from . Thank you!!
This band is SULPANK they submitted a while ago, so now I will review their debut album which is released in 2016. They are from valencia Spain, glad they found CHATSONG so they get a chance being heard and discovered. Their first song is named «will» the intro is full of beautiful melodies and the vocal sound I hear are very good, I must say I can hear the accent from Spain singing in English it make the song more lovely to listen. I like their cheerful uptempo melodies by piano and orchestral vocals and rocking guitar in it, a great mix very good material. Their next single named «something different» have great melodies – See more at: http://chatsong.jouwweb.nl/chatsong-musicreviews/197697_sulpank1-twitter#sthash.SHZeusNr.dpuf
This is an excerpt and you can read the full review in:



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